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Fair Play Program

One of the missions of Gallini Cup is to educate trough the values of sport and everybody can enjoy this opportunity, not only the players.
For this reason our Fair Play program wants to help also parents to take the best from Gallini Cup, remembering them how to be in full harmony with the tournament spirit

referee at gallini cup with diadora jersey


How to enjoy the tournament

parents singing at football match

Enjoy the game and support your kids

Parents role during the tournament

Parents are here to support their kids while enjoying an holiday in Italy. Cheer them up, sing, clap your hands, hug them if they lose. Don’t tell them what to do while they are playing.

Let’s be thankful

Referees spend their holidays on the pitch to let us play

All referees are are registered at AIA and selected for the tournament by the FIGC. Their decisions are final and the organization can’t interfere with their decisions.  The referees send their reports directly to the FIGC in Rome. FIGC advise Gallini Cup about results, disqualifications and other decisions. The organization can’t interferee with the process in any way.

referees awarded at gallini cup 2019
soccer coach tying shoes of brasilian kid

A big part of the tournament

Also coaches participate to make experience

Not only the kids participate to international tournament to develop their experiences, but even coaches.
We must respect the role of the coaches and let them manage the groups and take decisions without pressure.

Encourage fair play

Participants play with their opponents, not against

Penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct are very strong at Gallini Cup, but luckly that happen very rarely.
Young players are very honest and mature when they are put in the conditions to show their best.

fair play between young football players
sad young football players after missing penalty

Football is a beautiful (yet tricky) game

You must learn how to lose.

We are here also to learn how to lose. This is a very important step for every winner. Let’s support eachothers on this task and everybody will enjoy the tournament at its best.

Our Story

Born in 1999 Gallini Cup is now the largest football tournament in Italy

Top teams

Many professional teams participate at Gallini Cup every year

Gallini players

More than 150 Gallini players reached the best European league


Gallini Cup takes place in Pordenone, a beautiful town near Venice


Details, participants and everything you need to know about the next Gallini Cup.

Opening ceremony

The program includes a parade in the city center and a confetti show

The Party

A great gathering moment for coaches and players

Awards ceremony

All teams receive a trophy on the last day


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Tournament's rules.


Just relax and enjoy the tournament, we think about everything


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