Friuli Venezia Giulia region

Pordenone, the host city of Gallini Cup

Pordenone is a beautiful town in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, perfectly located between sea and mountains, just one hour from Venice. This is the last Region in the Italian north-east, before the borders of Austria and Slovenia. During Easter holidays Pordenone becomes home for thousands of international young players of Gallini Cup, the largest and most prestigious football tournament in Italy.

pordenone city center with sport parade

Pordenone is located between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia

Veneto and Friuli have 10 UNESCO sites. New York 1, Paris 1, London 4.

Welcome to Gallini Cup

At your arrival we will welcome you with some gadgets of the tournament and we will go through the full program of the tournament, together. You will feel home from the first moment until your last day.

The Exhibition Center

Food is served at Pordenone Exhibition Center,  where teams can find many options managed with attention to all needs, tastes and religions.
The participants find  stands ready to offer great discounts on football shoes, t-shirts and official merchandise. 

football match at gallini cup
Sport centers and stadiums

Gallini Cup is played on some of the best football pitches of the city of Pordenone. This year we can count on the support of 19 Towns and the fundamental cooperation of the Clubs that manage these facilities.

errea stand with t-shirts of gallini cup
Official merchandise and playing areas

Several stands offer great discounts on football shoes, t-shirts and official Gallini merchandise.
There are also video games corners, playing areas with table soccer, ping pong, etc.

icecream truck in italy
Food trucks of Italian specialities

At the exhibition center you can get good coffee, ice cream and other Italian specialities, that you can purchase for yourself or for beautiful souvenirs.

Hall of Fame gallery

It’s impressive to see how many popular players participated at Gallini Cup. Here you can enjoy our Hall of Fame, with signed jersey and various memorabilia of great players and teams that participated to Gallini Cup.

“Friuli in unmissable.”

“Friuli, the fourth most beautiful region to see in the world.”


“In Friuli there are fairytale villages.“


“The Unbelievably Gorgeous Italian Wine Region You Haven’t Heard of Yet.”

“A secret garden, home of one of the most refined food and wine culture in the world.”

The center of the tournament

What to visit in Pordenone and Friuli

Upon request we can organize the best activities in the following locations and in many other places. We can plan also shopping session in outlets or fun days in amusement parks. What follows are some things to do in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

Things to do in Pordenone

Michelin Restaurants

In Pordenone

Cantine & Wine Tasting

In Pordenone

Lemonde Wine – 3 Gambero Rosso Glasses

I Magredi
Live Music, Bars & Pubs

In Pordenone

Befeed – pub
Birra di Naon – local brewery
Astro Club – live music club
California Bar – live music bar
Capitol Club – live music

Things to do near Pordenone

Stadium in Udine

35 minutes from Pordenone

Udine is the home of Udinese, a well known Italian top team that plays in Serie A from decades. Many times the participants of Gallini Cup went there to enjoy a Serie A match, or you can simply visit the stadium. You can also enjoy Udine’s historical centre, a typical medieval village, built around the castle’s hill. 

Amusement park of Gardaland

2 hours from Pordenone

Gardaland is an amusement park located near Lake Garda. In 2005, Gardaland was ranked fifth in Forbes Magazine’s list of the top ten amusement parks in the world. It would take a full day to enjoy it, so if you can stay an additiona night we can organize a direct bus from your hotel.

The Zoo of Lignano

45 minutes from Pordenone

Lignano is a seaside resort known all over Europe, thanks to its beautiful beaches and its vibrant nightlife. Nightclubs, amusement parks and fascinating sea, make Lignano the perfect destination for anyone who wants to have fun. The Parco Zoo Punta Verde is a great option to spend a day in the nature surrounded by animals.

Prosecco in Conegliano

25 minutes from Pordenone

Leaders and parents should consider a visit to the beautiful hills of Conegliano, easily reachable with a direct train from the hotels of Pordenone, to taste some great wine. Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Boat tour in Venice

70 minutes from Pordenone

Venice, the city of love, the city of gondola, Saint Marco, Canal Grande and many other pearls known all over the world.
You know you can’t miss it, but did you that you can reach Venice with a direct train from your hotel in Pordenone in 1 hour? Yes, it’s incredible.

Shopping in Palmanova

45 minutes from Pordenone

Palmanova is a fort belonging to the late Renaissance, UNESCO World Heritage Site, built with an unmistakable star shape.
In Palmanova you can also find the biggest retail store, with shops of the best Italian and international brands.

Biking in Aquileia

55 minutes from Pordenone

Aquileia is one of the oldest historical towns of the Roman Empire, founded in 181 b.C.
This has been the land of Popes and Saints, where still today you can feel the fascinating atmosphere of the Ancient Rome.
So, why not rent a bike to combine sport, history and adventure?

Icecream in Sacile

10 minutes from Pordenone

Sacile is a wonderful city with a characteristic historic centre. It is also called Porta del Friuli (Friuli’s door), due to its confining position with Veneto.
The Venice influences are clearly visible in the architecture and culture, having in common the origin between the waters of Mediterranean Sea, in better words, the Adriatic Sea.

Castles in Trieste

70 minutes from Pordenone

Miramare is a district of Trieste, renowned for its castle. This neo-medieval beauty, is one of the most visited tourists attractions with a magnificent 22 hectars park.
If you want to admire the Gulf of Trieste, beloved land of James Joyce, Umberto Saba, Italo Svevo and many other poets, you can’t miss out on the Miramare Castle and Piazza Unità, one of the most important historical squares in Italy.

Our Story

Born in 1999 Gallini Cup is now the largest football tournament in Italy

Top teams

Many professional teams participate at Gallini Cup every year

Gallini players

More than 150 Gallini players reached the best European league


Gallini Cup takes place in Pordenone, a beautiful town near Venice


Details, participants and everything you need to know about the next Gallini Cup.

Opening ceremony

The program includes a parade in the city center and a confetti show

The Party

A great gathering moment for coaches and players

Awards ceremony

All teams receive a trophy on the last day


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