The largest soccer tournament in Italy

About Gallini Cup

Gallini Cup started in 1999 with 4 teams. Now it’s the largest youth football tournament in Italy.
Over 100 elite teams, from all over the world, including USA, Japan, South Africa and Brazil.
In over 20 years Gallini Cup welcomed thousands of teams regardless religion, culture, or color of the skin, offering a lifetime international experience to young football players in Pordenone, a beautiful town near Venice.

Japan and Juventus playing with yellow tamoil jersey
chievo verona and atalanta young players running together

A lifetime international experience

Where professionals meet new talents

Trusted by the best European academies and agencies, Gallini Cup is the perfect football tournament to show skilled players to talent scouts. 
Every qualification group of Gallini Cup includes a professional team from Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, Premier League, Serie B, etc.
New talents have the chance of their life to show their skill and take off their career making a step into the world of professional football.

Grow values of fair play

Sport culture to become champions in life

Gallini Cup is a truly unique experience for coaches and players. A gathering of cultures, united to play football in a safe and vibrant atmosphere.
Many well known top players reached the European major leagues after participating at Gallini Cup.
Back then, same as now, participants share an important experience that leads to strengthening the values of fair play, brotherhood and inclusion.
One of the missions of Gallini Cup is to educate trough the values of sport, and everybody can enjoy this opportunity, not only the players.

beautiful picture of romania young football player celebrating a goal

Franco Gallini

Gallini Cup is organized in order to honor the memory of Franco Gallini, a manager of Pordenone Calcio, that died prematurely in March 2002. 
During his life he saw many people suffering for illnesses, and this pain inspired him to create the NGO Via di Natale ONLUS. With the help of many volunteers, he created a Home to assist terminally ill cancer patients and to support their families during this hard period. This Home is still operating in Aviano, near the Oncological Reference Center.
His funeral toke place the same day of the final of a football tournament created a few years earlier by Tiziano Cornacchia. 

The political institutions of Pordenone, together with Franco’s family, showed a willingness to dedicate a big event to him.
It was on this occasion that Tiziano Cornacchia, founder of the tournament and friend of Franco’s family since his militancy in Pordenone Calcio, accepted this assignment. 
A task that he continues to carry out today, to promote the important values of sport, remembering who spent his life building a better world.

Via di Natale ONLUS
Franco Gallini di Pordenone

Our Story

Born in 1999 Gallini Cup is now the largest football tournament in Italy

Top teams

Many professional teams participate at Gallini Cup every year

Gallini players

More than 150 Gallini players reached the best European league


Gallini Cup takes place in Pordenone, a beautiful town near Venice


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Opening ceremony

The program includes a parade in the city center and a confetti show

The Party

A great gathering moment for coaches and players

Awards ceremony

All teams receive a trophy on the last day


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