All teams of Diamond FC disqualified from Gallini Budapest Cup for unsporting behaviour

Coaches, members and supporters of Diamond FC created a very sad day for all sport people, under the shocked eyes of hundreds of young players and parents.

Coaches, members and supporters of Diamond FC created a very sad day for all sport people, under the shocked eyes of hundreds of young players and parents.

The point 11 of the regulation of the 7th Gallini Budapest Cup states “Every staff member of the teams taking part in the Tournament, guilty of unsporting behaviour during the Tournament will be referred by the Tournament Committee by means of a written report to the relevant National or International Association that will take the necessary steps.”

What follows is the translation of the official report made by the referee that was on the pitch during Diamond FC – UTE, cat.U14, played on Saturday June 18th at 17:30

“In the halftime of the game the coach of Diamonds FC strongly complained with the referee about a situation. Therefore he got a yellow card from him. After this yellow card, the coach aggressively stepped towards the referee and his young players had to stop him. He got a red card and ordered off from the game. The coach freed himself from the hold of his young players and hit the referee on the arm, so he dropped the red card. After a short time on the pitch (still strongly complaining) the coach went back to the referee to throw him a bottle of water. The security arrived to protect the referee but they couldn’t remove him from the pitch, and in the meantime also a parent of Diamonds FC went on the pitch and complained shouting for 10 minutes. They were constantly coming back and behaved aggressively with the referee and the linesmen. As they didn’t leave the playground even after many requests, I had to end the match. The organizers and the security constantly protected us and escorted us to the changing room, informing us they will be waiting for us at the entrance.”

For these reasons, Diamond FC club is disqualified from the Gallini Budapest Cup tournament and put last in both rankings, losing all matches 3-0, due to direct responsibility towards its members and fans. Fans who at the end of the match also attacked the security staff, forcing the arrival of the police that finally escorted them out of the sports center and banned them from it for the next days. A copy of this report has been sent to the Hungarian and Greek Federation.

Diamond FC participated in the Gallini Budapest Cup 2022 in 2 categories, with shared coaches, managers and fans. To ensure the safety of all participants and the smooth running of the tournament, no more games will be played by Diamond FC in the following days, in any category.

To guarantee a safe environment for all other 1.200 kids and supporters participating to the tournament, more security will be enforced at the next day’s matches.

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