Ranking Gallini Budapest Cup #7, June 2022

Final rankings and individual awards of Gallini Budapest Cup #7 | June 2022 | official qualification tournament of Gallini Cup

Under 11

  1. Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)
  2. Honved FC
  3. UTE
  4. VS Dunakeszi
  5. NK Locomotiva Rieka (Croatia)

Best Player: Coz Nej (Brinje Grosuplje)
Best Goalkeeper: Koller Balazs (Honved FC)

Under 12

  1. RFS Riga (Latvia)
  2. CSMS APR Slenin (Poland)
  3. Honved FC
  4. Debrecen VSC
  5. Ikarus
  6. UTE
  7. Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)
  8. AP Reissa (Poland)
  9. Legia Warsaw (Poland)
  10. Veria FC (Greece)

Best Player: Zahars Maligins (RSF Riga)
Best Goalkeeper: Petr Gulin (RSF Riga)

Under 13

  1. Honved FC
  2. Keruleti
  3. UTE
  4. Domino Bratislava (Slovakia)
  5. ACS Daco Getica (Romania)
  6. Kecksemet
  7. Varosgazda
  8. Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)
    not ranked
    AP Reissa Konin
    CSMS APR Slenin
    Debrecen VSC
    Meszoly SE
    NK Locomotiva Rieka (Croatia)

Best Player: Uadga Krisztian (Honved FC)
Best Goalkeeper: Srymon Galcrynski (APR Slesin)
Top Scorer: Ersek (Keruleti)

Under 14

  1. UTE
  2. III Keruleti TVE
  3. Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)
  4. NK Miklav (Slovenia)
  5. Meszoly
  6. Diamond FC (Greece)

Best Player: Molnar Dominik (UTE)
Best Goalkeeper: Milan Kis (UTE)
Top Scorer: Giannotti (Keruleti) & Moluv (UTE)

Under 15

  1. Ikarus
  2. SDM Domino Bratislava (Slovakia)
  3. NK Locomotiva Rieka (Croatia)
  4. Akademia Jaworzno (Poland)
  5. III Keruleti TVE
  6. Diamond FC (Greece)

Best Player: Gal Tomas (Ikarus)
Best Goalkeeper: Kis Ádàm (Ikarus)
Top Scorer: Dominik Peksuc

Under 16

  1. Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)
  2. III Keruleti TVE
  3. Veria FC (Greece)
  4. Barcelona Academy HUN
  5. OFK Dunajska Luzna (Slovakia)
  6. Budakalasz

Best Player: Tevs Kusar (Brinje Grosuplje)
Best Goalkeeper: Jaka Zrnec (Brinje Grosuplje)
Top Scorer: Kapanadze Tornike (III Keruleti TVE)

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