Ranking Gallini Cup #22, August 2021

Final rankings and individual awards of Gallini Cup #22 | August 27th-29th 2021 | Pordenone
Milan at Gallini Cup 2021

Under 13

1 – Atalanta
2 – Udinese
3 – Venezia F
4 – Pordenone B

Other participants
AC Milan
FC Koper (Slovenia)
Pordenone A
ACD Portomansuè
ASD Calcio Zoppola
Libertas Ceggia 1910
Fontanafredda Calcio
ASD Maniago

Best Player
Matteo Boga (Udinese)

Best Goalkeeper
Lorenzo Costoli (Pordenone)

Best Scorer
Marcello Fugazzola (Atalanta)

Under 14

1 – Pordenone
2 – AC Milan
3 – Udinese
4 – CSC Ghiroda (Romania)

Other participants
Venezia FC
Kisvarda (Hungary)
Alto Academy
IFK Stocksund A (Sweden)
ASD Liventina
Fontanafredda Calcio
ASD San Luigi Calcio
ACD Portomansuè
ASD Liventina San Odorico
IFK Stocksund B
ASD Zoppola

Best Player
Alessio Turolo (Pordenone)

Best Goalkeeper
Alessandro Bianchi (AC Milan)

Best Scorer
Giacomo Furlan (Pordenone)

Under 15

1 – Atalanta
2 – Udinese
3 – Debreceni VSC (Hungary)
4 – FK Partizan (Serbia)

Other participants
FK Red Star (Serbia)
FC Midtjylland (Denmark)
Kisvarda FC (Hungary)
AC Sandonà 1922
ASD Liventina
ACD Portomansuè

Best Player
David Pejic (Udinese)

Best Goalkeeper
Emanuele Finardi (Atalanta)

Best Scorer
Sarto (AC Sandonà 1922 ASD)

Under 16

1 – Hellas Verona
2 – Udinese
3 – Venezia FC
4 – Pordenone

Other participants
Alto Academy
Camisano Calcio 1910
AC Sandonà 1922 ASD

Best Player
Luca Bonin (Udinese)

Best Goalkeeper
Esmanech (Hellas Verona)

Best Scorer
Agbonifo (Hellas Verona)

Girls Under 17 – Donna Cup

1 – Juventus
2 – Pordenone
3 – Hellas Verona Women
4 – Sleza Wroclaw (Poland)

Best Player
Alice Guizzo (Pordenone)

Best Goalkeeper
Noemi Alabiso (Juventus)

Top Scorer
Janus Zuzanna (Sleza Wroclaw)

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