Ranking of Gallini Budapest Cup #8, June 2023

Official rankings and individual awards of Gallini Budapest Cup #8 | June 2023 | official qualification tournament of Gallini Cup
Gallini Budapest Cup 2023

Individual Awards: https://copafacil.com/gallinibudapestcup8

Under 15

  1. Iraklis Neou Zygou (Greece)
  2. NK Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)
  3. Domino Bratislava (Slovakia)
  4. Mészöly Focisuli SE
  5. MFK Zemplín Michalovce (Slovakia)
  6. NK Lokomotiva Rijeka (Croatia)
  7. ASD Ancona Lumignacco (Italy)
  8. Kinostudio FC (Albania)

Under 14

  1. Daco Getica (Romania)
  2. UTE Academy
  3. MFK Zemplín Michalovce (Slovakia)
  4. NK Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)
  5. Mészöly Focisuli SE
  6. Ikarus BSE
  7. Budai FC
  8. LAFC Socal JB Los Angeles (USA)
  9. Partium Labdarúgó Akadémia

Under 13

  1. CS Luceraful U Cluj (Romania)
  2. FC ViOn Zlatè Moravce (Slovakia)
  3. Stiinta Bucharest (Romania)
  4. Mészöly Focisuli SE
  5. FC Flora Tallinn (Estonia)
  6. Kelen SC
  7. RKSK
  8. Daco Getica (Romania)
  9. ASD Ancona Lumignacco (Italy)
  10. Minaur Baia Mare (Romania)
  11. Eger
  12. San Luigi Trieste (Italy)
  13. Ujpest FC
  14. MŠK Púchov (Slovakia)
  15. BVSC
  16. UTE Academy
  17. III Keruleti

Under 12

  1. UTE Academy
  2. Radu Rebeja (Moldova)
  3. San Luigi Trieste (Italy)
  4. III Keruleti
  5. Ikarus BSE
  6. NK Radomlje (Slovenia)
  7. MFK Vranov (Slovakia)
  8. Barcelona Academy Hungary
  9. VS Dunakeszi
  10. NK Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)

Under 11

  1. UTE Academy
  2. Barcelona Academy Hungary
  3. Ferencvaros
  4. NK Lokomotiva Rijeka (Croatia)
  5. San Luigi Trieste (Italy)
  6. Ikarus BSE
  7. ASC Vitorul Loguj (Romania)
  8. RKSK
  9. Voinicelul Bucharest (Romania)
  10. NK Brinje Grosuplje (Slovenia)

Under 10

  1. Mészöly Focisuli SE
  2. UTA Arad (Romania)
  3. VS Dunakeszi
  4. NK Brinje Grosuplje A (Slovenia)
  5. CS Luceafarul U Cluj (Romania)
  6. APMT Limanowa (Poland)
  7. Ikarus BSE
  8. RKSK
  9. NK Brinje Grosuplje B (Slovenia)
  10. Barcelona Academy Hungary
  11. Olasz Focisuli
  12. UTE Academy B
  13. UTE Academy A
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