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Gallini Cup is organised in full respect of the latest DPCM. Check this page to be updated on the latest rules and restrictions related to Covid.
covid regulation at football tournaments in italy


Updates of April 1st, 2022

protocol 30.03.2022:

Players: can enter changing room with SUPER GREEN PASS
– Players: can play the matches with BASIC GREEN PASS
Staff can go on the pitch with BASIC GREEN PASS
Supporters and parents can enter the stadiums with BASIC GREEN PASS
Restaurants con be use with BASIC GREEN PASS
Hotels can be used freely without any sort of pass


What is a Super Green Pass?
You can get it just with
– recovery from Covid happened between October 15th 2021 and April 1st 2022
– or one shot of vaccination made between October 15th 2021 and April 1st 2022

What is a Basic Green Pass?
You can get it with
– Swap test (valid for 48 hours)
– or PCR Test (valid for 72 hours)
  – If you can’t receive the EU Digital Covid Certificate because you are vaccinated with a vaccine not recognized in EU, you can take a rapid antigen tests (48h) or a PCR test (72h) and is validated as a Super Green Pass. This is valid for all players, coaches, leaders and parents.  

What about kids?
All kids younger than 11 years old (included) do not need to have any Green Pass.

I have some parents without vaccination…
Parents without at least the Basic Green Pass can not access stadiums, as per DL 24 March n.24:

How to get a Eu Digital Covid Certificate

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Our Story

Born in 1999 Gallini Cup is now the largest football tournament in Italy

Top teams

Many professional teams participate at Gallini Cup every year

Gallini players

More than 150 Gallini players reached the best European league


Gallini Cup takes place in Pordenone, a beautiful town near Venice


Details, participants and everything you need to know about the next Gallini Cup.

Opening ceremony

The program includes a parade in the city center and a confetti show

The Party

A great gathering moment for coaches and players

Awards ceremony

All teams receive a trophy on the last day


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Tournament's rules.


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