Latest updates about Covid-19

Gallini Cup is organised in full respect of the latest DPCM. Check this page to be updated on the latest rules and restrictions related to Covid.
covid regulation at football tournaments in italy
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If your team can not participate due to Italian’s or your Country’s restrictions, you will be fully refunded (including the deposit). For additional details check our cancellation policies.


Updates of August 19th 2021

To entry in Italy, travellers from Eu Member States and the Schengen Area are required to present the Eu Digital COVID Certificate showing that:

  • you have taken a negative molecular or antigen swab test in the 48 hours prior to entering Italy, or
  • you have completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination cycle at least 14 days ago, or
  • you have recovered from COVID-19 (the certificate of recovery is valid for 180 days from the date of the first positive swab)

Players and managers at the sport centers must show EU Digital Certificate or fill a self declaration. We recommend all participants to make a SWAP before the tournament.

At the restaurant of the tournament there will be also outdoor tables where people can have meals without showing the EU Green Pass; anyway, we recommend to bring the Green Pass.

To enter Hotels there is no need to show the EU Digital Certificate. Anyway, as additional protection, all Hotels involved in the Gallini Cup have been fully insured for Covid related cases, so no additional lodging costs would be imposed on people in quarantine.

To enter stadiums as supporters and audience (including parents) it’s mandatory to show a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate. The entrance to stadiums is free of charge; those who wish can leave a donation to Via di Natale ONLUS of Franco Gallini, to whom the tournament is dedicated.

Gallini Cup can organise SWAP upon request. This service must be booked at least 7 days in advance. Minors must have a signed authorisation of their parents (click here to download)

Official link

How to get a Eu Digital Covid Certificate

Updates of June 10th 2021

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has signed an ordinance allowing entry from the countries of the European Union and the Shengen Area, as well as from Great Britain and Israel, with a negative swab test, without compulsory quarantine. Travellers are still required to produce on arrival the certificate for a negative molecular or antigen swab test, taken in the 48 hours prior to arrival in Italy.

Official link

Updates of May 21st 2021

On this day FIGC officially gave its final authorization, making Gallini Cup the first international tournament to take place in Italy after 16 months of Covid restrictions.

In the last year the managers of Gallini Cup worked hard to guarantee top quality and very high standards of safety. At this moment there are already more than 60 teams registered to tournament on the 24-27 June 2021.

Updates of January the 30th 2021

In accordance with F.I.G.C, local authorities and agencies, Gallini Cup #23 has been postponed to 24-27 June 2021. Categories, location and prices won’t change. Registered teams that can’t participate in June will be fully refunded.

The informations shared in the previous communications, written below, are stil valid.

At the moment, this are the programs of Gallini Cup:
Gallini Cup #23: June 24-27 2021 (moved from Easter 2021)
Gallini Cup #22: August 26-29 August 2021 (moved from Easter 2020)

Updates of December the 5th 2020

Participants coming from countries for which there is no quarantine, nor from which entry into Italy is prohibited, can take part to the tournament without restrictions and without tests. The list of restricted countries may change.

In order to allow the regular running of sports competitions that involve the participation of athletes, technicians, referees and coaches from countries for which entry into Italy is prohibited (or for which quarantine is foreseen), those people, before to entry in Italy, they must have done a molecular or antigen test to verify the state of health. This test must not be earlier than 72 hours from arrival in Italy. In the event of a negative result, the interested subjects are authorized to take part in the international sporting competition on the Italian territory.

Updates of August the 20th 2020

The registrations for Gallini Cup 2021 are open. In case of cancellation due to Covid-19 and restrictions, all teams will be totally refunded, including deposits, as already happened few months earlier.

Updates of March the 18th 2020

Dear friends, since most of the teams prefer to cancel their participation to Gallini Cup 2020 and since the situation is not developing fast at all, our tournament will be cancelled in the next days.
In the next days you will receive a total refund, including deposits. 
We hope we will have the chance host you soon, after all of this problems will be over. Please send us your IBAN for the refund. 

Updates of February the 28th 2020

Following the suggestions of the scientific community, the Italian government toke strong decisions that will be active until April the 3rd, in order to neutralize any danger; this period should be sufficient to achieve the goal and secure all the national territory and all those who will later travel  to Italy. The hope therefore is that from 4 April all restrictions will cease and normalily will be restored. We understand the concerns of all the Clubs that have registered to our tournaments, but we must wait the development of the next two weeks to understand the effectiveness of the measures taken by the Italian government. We want to be ready and we are working in the hope that the restrictions will be eliminated by April the 3rd. Our tournaments will be held regularly if the scientific community and the Italian Government will not decide to extend the measures taken until April the 3rd. We therefore invite you to wait to make decisions, and to be ready to celebrate the return to normality. After this period of forced stop, we think that all our kids will have a great desire to play and socialize, which also applies to us adults. We have decided to cancel the official presentation of the tournament in the town hall of Pordenone, as the calendars must be revised on April the 4th, based on the developments of the coming weeks.We therefore give you the opportunity to wait until April the 3rd to take a final decision about your participation to the tournament, but we ask you to inform us about this decision on April the 4th.

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